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North West Exemplar Programme

Summary of NIHR CRN North West Exemplar Programme

Natalie Garratt

on 1 March 2011

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Transcript of North West Exemplar Programme

NIHR CRN North West Exemplar Programme "The Government has recognised the importance of taking action to support the retention and growth of the life sciences industry in the UK to secure our place as a global leader" (Professor Dame Sally C Davies) "The NIHR CRN North West Exemplar Programme demonstrates that the NHS is a viable and improving setting for commercially-sponsored clinical trials comparable with the best in Europe." (Professor Dame Sally C Davies) Initiated in summer 2009 with the aim of Providing evidence that the NHS is a viable environment for commercially-sponsored research Demonstrating that the investment put in place by the Networks is having an effect Demonstrating the England can match the best in Europe by delivering high quality studies quickly, efficiently and in line with patient recruitment targets Twenty studies At least one site in North West Using CSP, costing template and mCTA
(standard Network processes) Lead CLRN in North West Next steps Implementation across England by June 2011 "The North West Exemplar is a great example of an innovative partnership between the NHS and the pharmaceutical industry. At a time when clinical research in the UK has been in decline, such collaborations are important in ensuring we continue to improve Britain's clinical research effectiveness" (Tim Cave, Medical Director Novartis UK) Pharmaceutical R&D
£4.5 billion a year The North West: full geographical coverage of all NIHR Clinical Research Networks strong track record of delivering industry-sponsored research 64 Trusts Measuring achievement Time from validation of R&D Form to NHS Permission at the first site
Time from validation of the SSI Form to NHS Permission at the first site
Time from validation of R&D Form to First Patient-First Visit
Time from NHS Permission to First Patient-First Visit and first and all North West sites
Delivery to planned time and recruitment targets
Time taken to agree costing and contracts Escalation Escalation to highest
level within 48 hours Formal escalation rarely required - more likely to be informal problem solving and information sharing Study set-up metrics Costings and Contracts Targets set at 2 weeks for costings and 1 week for contract Metrics:
Time to agree costings 5 calendar days (1-24)
Time to agree contract 2 calendar days (1.5-2.5) Continued collaboration with industry Exemplar studies Stakeholders Department of Health NIHR Clinical Research Networks NHS Industry 13 pharmaceutical companies
2 Contract Research Organisations First Patient-First Visit 72 calendar days from submission
17 calendar days from NHS Permission Themes
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