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Handy's Best Fit Approch

No description

Catherine Kelly

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of Handy's Best Fit Approch

Handy's Best Fit Approach
His Idea
Handy (1993) suggests that effective performance depends on how good a fit exists between the preferences of both leaders and subordinates and the demands of the task to be undertaken. The way the fit is achieved, i.e. which factors will adapt or be adapted, will depend on the environment (or organisation setting).
Influencing Factors
In any situation that confronts a leader there are four sets of influencing factors that he or she must take into consideration:
Depending On
These factors and their fit will in their turn all depend to some extent on:
Handy maintains that there is no such thing as the "right" style of leadership, but that leadership will be most effective when the requirements of the leader, the subordinates and the task fit together. This fit can be measured on a scale that runs from "tight" to "flexible".
The Leader
Their preferred style of operating and their personal characteristics.

The Subordinate
Their preferred style of leadership in the light of the circumstances.
The Task
The job, its objectives and its technology.

The Environment
The organisational setting of the leader, the group and the importance of the task.
Tight ___________________________________ Flexible
Handy goes on to explain that there is no fixed measuring device for this scale - it is a low-definition subjective tool of analysis. The suggestion is that the three factors in any situation can be roughly placed along this scale.
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