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All about Anne

No description

georgina wiseman

on 16 February 2017

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Transcript of All about Anne

One of the most remembered victims of the war, a young diarist Annelies Marie Frank was born in Frankfurt 12 June 1929. The young diarist filled the pages of her life with care: expressing thoughts, feelings and hopes. franks life story touches the hearts of many world wide and inspired young lives. The young teenagers life ambition was to become an author. Sadly she didn't live to achieve her dream due death at the age of 15 in 1944. The diary pages now sit in the famous Anne Frank museum in Holland.
Early life
Life in Germany
While Anne aged, life became more and more difficult for the Franks. Anne's family lived in constant fear: the Nazis were obliterating the entire Jewish faith. Anne went to a Jewish school with her two friends (Summer and Amily.) But soon Anne's mother and father grew very worried. they made the decision to move; like others had fled at the first sighn of danger.
Life in Holland
Hopping the Netherlands would keep them out of harms way, the Franks moved - wishing for a better life. Anne attended Montossoire school, where she made two to best best freinds. But all to soon in 1944 the German Nazis overpowered Holland ; beginning the discrimination of the Jews. The two sisters Anne and Margot were forced to go to school for Jewish. Unfortunately in 1942 the luck was up. They decided to go into hiding.
Life In Hiding
On 5th July 1942, Margot received a letter, demanding her to go to a labour camp forcing the Franks to make a decision. They decided to go into hiding. Over the weeks, the space of the annex became limited as they were joined by: the Van Pells, Herman, August and son Peter, and soon after Fritz Pfeffer. All the while Anne wrote in her beloved diary (Kitty) which she received for her birthday. Otto Frank, Anne's father, had many accomplices from his business company bringing thew families food and supplies from the Black Markets. Even though they would be in grave danger if the Nazis found out.
All about Anne
Hopeful and innocent, Annelies Marie Frank, life began on June 12 1929. Anne, soon discovered that life for the Jewish community was terribly unjust. However her father Otto and mother Edith carried on as normal they also had another daughter Margot (Anne's older sister.) In 1933 Adolf Hitler gained power over Germany making life for Jews harder yet. Meaning that Hitler was persecuting many Jews.
Betrayed and Discovered
On August the fourth 1944 the Frank's safe haven was dioscovered. Somebody had betrayed them; to this day nobody can answer the question of who it was. Two years of hiding was finally over for the eight Jews who had seeken refuge in what might be one of the most famous story's. The Frank sisters were herded like catle onto wooden boxes with no air and completely packed with people. The boxes lugged them and the other fugitives to Begen-Belson camp where they suffered a tragic death of Typhus only weeks before it was liberated by the British.
Life after death

Many have theorized if the Franks were betrayed while in hiding, the betrayal sadly led to their death in Auschwitz. ILL-fated for Anne and her sister, the camp was liberated just weeks after they died : by the British who emancipated over 60,000 prisoners. When Miep Giles entered the Annex after the Franks arrest, she found the now iconic artifact that takes pride of place in the Anne Frank museum. Annelies Marie Frank's dairy pages The savior of the dairy decided it would be best to return the dairy to Otto Frank thew only Frank left "here is your daughters legacy to you" were Mieps last words to Otto. In 1947, Otto published the diary and named it "The dairy of a young girl". Anne Frank has truly inspired us all.
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