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Rock N' Roll Camp for Girls LA

Jour 455

Julia Ramadan

on 4 September 2012

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Transcript of Rock N' Roll Camp for Girls LA

Mission Statement Audience/Demographic Staff/Board of Directors Marketplace Analysis Budget Fundraising Signature Event Current PR/Marketing Plans Media Relationships Media Analysis/Social Media Presence Opportunities Additional Obstacles "Empowering girls through music education" Take the Mic PR's Critical Analysis of by Courtney Manning, Kristen Villarreal & Julia Ramadan Rock N' Roll Camp for Girls LA Serves as elevator pitch as well 501(c)(3) founded a little over 2 years ago
Offers 2 camps
Girls Rock Summer Camp
Ladies' Rock Camp Concerns:
-Not included on all
promotional materials
-Not distinguished from elevator
-Doesn't mention all original content

No story
Not unique
Doesn't have a "how" Serve low-income girls ages 8-17 from west of Downtown LA (summer camp)
Ladies 21-60 (ladies' rock camp)
Want to target girls from affluent areas and a variety of LA neighborhoods
Response time to publics is about a week

-One set of messaging
-Response time
-Not actively targeting their target audience
-Missing age group 18-20

Not reaching affluent girls
Reaching people not in their direct market Not defined
Community Partners serves as official board for grant-writing purposes
Stay in contact with board from the Portland Camp, but they don't have their
own official board Direct competitors also have a music focus
School of Rock, Rock Nation, Silverlake Conservatory
Interested in collaborating with Derby Dolls and Silverlake Conservatory
Competing with other orgs for funding

-Losing audience and grants to more developed orgs

Online presence
Mismatched collaboration
Losing audience during off-season Concerns:
-Lack of board hinders all other areas of org
No advisory board in place
No defined roles Year 1: Revenue $20,000
Expenses $12,000
Year 2: Revenue $40,000
Expenses $12,000
Largest source of revenue is tuition
Recent $5,000 donations from Dial and Sara Bareilles

-No plans for excess revenue

Other camps receiving grants over them
Not educated in the grant-writing process Majority of donations result from personal relationships
Camp showcases are the most sucessful fundraiser
Have started a collection of auction items

-No designated fundraising staff or board
-Maintaining high-profile donors for following year
-No plan for collected auction items

No concrete strategy for funding
Showcase is only big event of the year
Don't know how to translate contacts into financial support Annual showcase
Goal is to build community relations and raise funds
Advertised by word of mouth

-No sense of urgency for on the spot
-Doesn't showcase all aspects of camp

Showcase is only annual event Seasonal
Social media. press release, email blasts

-Lose momentum
-No strategy
-Not taking advantage of resources
-Tailored messaging

Marketing not growing with the org
Word of mouth not a measurable marketing tool Seasonal coverage
Majority of coverage is online

-Failing to use potential
media contacts
-Failing to pursue new
outlets One person designated to each online outlet
-Facebook: 1,112 likes, 22 mentions
-Twitter: 788 followers

-Inconsistency is obvious
-Using org Twitter for personal communication
-Difficult to find blog
-Website doesn't include crucial
-Raining Jane site more developed
than org site
-No analytics Closed-mindedness
Turning volunteers away
Don't have their own space Sufficient amount of revenue
Known in their immediate community
Have media/industry contacts to build on
Opportunities for plugs
Positive audience/coverage
Could host another camp session if they kept building on what they have
Can translate contacts to coverage
Are still young in the field and therefore have growing room Steps of Action Manage media contacts and not be afraid to ask for and get what you need
Create and plan an additional summer camp session
Target messaging to attract various groups in their demographic, i.e. affluent girls, older girls Immediate Step of Action Define job roles and appoint people to specific job titles/create an advisory board.
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