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Can I describe the Characters in Varjak Paw?

No description

Ben Sheppard

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Can I describe the Characters in Varjak Paw?

Can I describe the Characters in Varjak Paw?
LO - To use adjectives and figurative language to describe characters.

I can identify adjectives.
I can describe characters using vocabulary I have read.
I can write in paragraphs a description of a given character.
Our three little cats!
What key things need to be in a character description?
Elder Paw
Elder Paw was a great cat. Proud and noble, he was always someone I could rely on to set an example for what it really meant to be a Mesopotamian Blue. Although he had seen many years and his fur was as silver as fading moonlight, he had a youth and warmth in his eyes.

I still remember how he stood up to the cold, unfeeling black cats. That was bravery. My family might say that he was getting senile in his old age but I knew better. It is fools you will often hear speak out and the wisest that will stay quiet. Elder Paw was the wisest and kindest of cats.
What will we make sure we do?
How did we do?
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