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Chicano Movement & Debate

No description

Matt Baker

on 25 May 2018

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Transcript of Chicano Movement & Debate

Chicano Movement & Debate
- Notebook
- Pen/Pencil

- I can describe the Chicano Movement
- I can determine who had the best answers for racism

Table of Contents
Page: Chicano Movement

The Charlotte Protests in 2016 were both peaceful and violent. Which was most effective in creating awareness and change?
Latinos in America
- Mexican-American War (1848)
- Many still lived on land annexed by US
- Cuba/Puerto Rico (1890s)
- Many Cubans/Puerto Ricans move to the US after the Spanish-American War
- Bracero Program (1940s-1960s)
- Many Mexicans move to the US to work on farms
- Cold War (1950s-1990s)
- Latino immigration from Central & South America pick up as their countries are in turmoil created by the Cold War
Chicano Movement
- 1960s many Latinos are feeling exploited
- Bracero Program
- No oversight on immigrants
- Cesar Chavez & Dolores Huerta begin protesting for fair treatment and equality
- Delano Grape Strike
- Other groups (Venceremos, Aztlan) believed the Western US should be given back to Mexico/Latinos
Latino Immigration Today
- Charlotte, NC a top 5 destination for Latinos immigrating to the US
- Hispanic Hypergrowth
- Mexicans, Hondurans, Salvadorans, Guatemalans
- Entrepreneurs, construction, and laborers
- Underrepresented in colleges but #s increasing
Writing Prompt
Does Charlotte need a movement like the Chicano Movement? Explain your thoughts.
Racism in America
- Jim Crow laws (legal segregation/discrimination) in the South
- Hidden racism in the North
- Hard to get loans, jobs, and housing
- Violence and terrorism used to oppress Black Americans
- KKK, lynchings, threats
Civil Rights Movement
- Many Black Americans fed up with racist conditions in US
- Different leaders came up with different solutions
- MLK: Southern Christian Leadership Conference
(SCLC) & Nonviolent Resistance
- Malcolm X: Nation of Islam & By Any Means Necessary
- Huey Newton: Black Panthers & Revolutionary Humanism
Initial Thoughts
Who had the best answers for Jim Crow South or segregated America?

Move to the corner of the person you think had the best solutions.
Debate Reading
- Choose a reading based on the person you think had the best solutions

- Do the reading

- 1 note: Background info
- 1 note: What they believed
- 1 note: Positive about them
- 1 note: Negative about them
- 1 note: Achievement they had
Debate from the perspective of the leaders

Winning team gets Baker Bucks

- Respectful
- Stay in perspective of leader
- Good point +1
- Good rebuttal +1
- Incorrect info -1
- Disrespect -1
Q1: What were the problems facing Black Americans?
Q2: How do we solve these problems?
Q3: Why don't the other guys have the best solution?
Malcolm X
Huey Newton
Murdered in 1989 in Oakland, CA
Writing Prompt
Which leader had the best solution during the Civil Rights Movement? Why?
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