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MGM 404

Schwab's Dairy Farm

Chris Weber

on 24 April 2010

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Transcript of MGM 404

Schwab's Dairy Farm Market Research Consulting Project Minwoo Chun
Sara Gorssberg
Lindsay Hampton
Raymond Kong
Vicki Tran
Chris Weber
Mike Wright Objective: Identify oportunities in the
WNY Dairy Markets Our Research
Needs Analysis Segmentation, Targeting, & Positioning
Communications RBST Free
Milk Consumption
Fast Food
Yogurt Current Market Trends Key Attributes •Brand Name
•Content (nutrients, calories)
•Packaging/ labeling
•Taste, price/value
•Portion size
Is Cheese the Answer? Cost Considerations: Pasteuriztion Equipment
Storage Silo
Transfer Piping
Manufactuering Equipment Pasteurization Equipment Price: $150,000 w/ install Storage Silo Current Milk Production Silo Size 15,000 gallons Price
$50,000 + $10,000
Silo Foundation = $60,000 Transfer Piping Price: $40,000 w/ install Manufacturing Equipment Price: $220,000 w/ install Maintain Current Operations Recomendation: Reasons: Advertisements
Viral/Social/Buzz Marketing
Personal Selling
Promotions Cost
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