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Korea's Lunar New Year

No description

Linh Milan

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of Korea's Lunar New Year

SEOL Lunar New year’s day is one of the biggest holidays in Korea ACTIVITIES Before Seollal Seollal Day Preparation
Gifts, Traveling, Food Seol The word “seol” is originated
from the word 'natseolda’
which means unfamiliar,
implying newness of a new coming year. Ancestral Rites and Traditional Games In Seollal day, the children
always wear "The lucky Hanbok" ...And receive sebaetdon FOOD and DRINK Tteokguk
(Traditional soup made of rice cake) How many
servings of tteokguk
have you had? Gakkimchi Gui Balki sool The drink brings the luck TRADITIONAL GAMES Yut Nori Go- Stop A card game with flowers on it
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