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Tatiana Ramriez

on 30 January 2014

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Transcript of ORTHODONTIST

An orthodontist is a dentist who
specializes in straightening teeth.
They also pull teeth, and perform
An orthodontist is a type of dentist that has specialized in the practice of performing cosmetic work on their patients. The majority of their work consists of straightening teeth, but they can also treat problems such as a cleft lip, skeletal problems, and problems with jaw movement. Orthodontists straighten their patients' teeth and jaws by applying pressure with braces, retainers, and other devices. Diagnosing a patient's needs and developing a treatment plan normally requires x-rays and plaster models of the teeth. When necessary, orthodontists also perform oral surgery to correct problems that can't be treated through traditional orthodontic procedures.
The reason this career sparked interest in me is because I am having alot of experience in it. I had to get braces on my top and bottom teeth,they were used to straightn and put my teeth in place.
Another reason i chose this job is because I will be self-employed. Being self-employed is a lot of work but it pays off in the end. You make your own schedule, pick the people you work with, the environment you're working in is your own.
you can get them both in colours or clear.
To become an orthodontist you have to take
highschool, and have a really high average to be
accepted into university.In university you would take
anything preferably a bio major for your bachelors
degree. After that you would have to pass some
examinations to be able to apply to a university that
offers dentistry. Graduate school will take about 4 years
to complete depending on what type of student
you are. Because an orthodontist is a specialist you
have to go back to school to specialize in
orthodontics, that takes another 2 to 3 years.
In gr.11 I will need to take:
probability and statitistics
social studies(recommended)
In gr.12 I will need to take:
algebra and geometry
social studies(recommended
Bachelors Degree
If your a part time student getting your bachelors degree in biology at the university of Windsor it would cost $2,138/ semester without books. If you get your books at the used book store or go on kijji you can get all your books for around $800 but it would be around $1000-$1500 for brand new book.
Before applying to dental school you have to pass the dental aptitude test(DAT).
You have to have a very high average in school, get an amazing mark on your DAT, and because there is so much competition you want a lot of volunteer hours.
Graduate School and Specializing
Graduate School
Graduate school takes about 3 to 4 years depending on what kind of student you are and what school you go to. It cost around $25,050 with residency and 26,100 with books and supplies required for the course. After completing dental school you receive a Doctor of Dental Surgery(DDS). Before you can legally practice dentistry you must pass National Dental Examining Board(NDEB) exams.
Specializing in dentistry takes another 2 to 3 years of graduate school. You complete this with a graduates degree in orthodintics.
After you get your degree you must pass the National Dental Specialty Exam(NDSE) in orthodontics.
Specialized Skills
You have to talk to your patients, you have to let them
know what your doing, and sometimes comfort them
if they're nervous.
You have to always be curious about new advances in
treatment and technology to keep your business on top.
You have to be extremely patient at all times! You have a
wide variety of people your working with and they all
tolerate pain differently.
You use a lot of tools when your working with you patients,
you have to know that this does cause pain and be very
gentle. Telling your patient "put your hand up if it starts to
hurt too much" really helps both you and them.
You have to be very gentle with both your patients and your
equipment. A lot of your equipment is fragile and
expensive such as; copper wire, brace, elastics, x-rays etc,.
Team player-
An orthodontist needs to be a team player yet be able to manage their own business in the case of a private practice situation.
management skills-
dealing with employees on all levels including hiring, firing and training, along with possessing leadership skills in order to motivate and develop the team.
An orthodontist makes $100,000 to $400,000 a year. In the beginning of this career most of your income goes to paying off school loans, equipment, supplies etc,. You get this money directly from patients or insurance companies.
Working Conditions
Orthodontists work in an office environment, where they spend most of their time working hands on with patients.An orthodontist has very comfortable working conditions. You're self employed so you pick the days your working and the people you work with. You have a 40 hour week which is really nice because you usually have no work to take home with you.
Job Satisfaction
Helping the patients have a perfect smile is very satisfying. You feel good that you helped boost someones confidence.
Knowing you went through so much examinations and schooling and got where you are is also very satisfying!

I will help people feel better about themselves by improving their teeth.
I will have to fix things and solve problems witch is something I like to do.
I will have a great balanced lifestyle, with this career.
Job Stress
The only job stress in orthodontics is being self employed. When you're self employed you have to do a lot of calculations. You have to pay employees, do your own life insurance, pay for the building you work in, etc,. And dealing with all that can really ruin your mood.
I will have to be good with people to be an orthodontist. Often orthodontic procedures will cause patients pain.
The nature of the work will require me to spend a lot of time working with my hands. I will need to be skilled with using very specialized tools to do this work.
I will spend a lot of time working in people’s mouths.
Related Career
audiologist- diagonse patients with hearing problems and provide conselling
chiropractor- examine patients, do x-rays,
and manipulate the spine and
other joints with their hands
dental hygienist- examine teeth and gums for
for tooth decay,report problems
to dentist
dental lab technician-Make models of patients’
mouths.Build wax models
of teeth that need to be

Volunteer Work
My Volunteer work doesn't relate directly to the
career I chose but it does include the skills I would need. I have worked and helped out in selling,with this i will be able to comunicate easily with my patients .Working anywhere that would help you improve the skills eded will be very helpful.

I chose this occupation because I find it amazing the way they make such big diffrences and helping their patients achieve their desired dental appearance and increase over all their self-confidence.After doing a deep research on the orthodontic career. I still want to continue with this career. After doing this research what surprised me the most is that most people/orthodontist only have about 20-40 days of vacation a year, that is something I am not sure I will be able to resist ,knowing that I am used to having about 4 1 month vacations a year, but if I want to per sue with this career it is a sacrifice I will have to do.

Thank you!!
By: Tatiana Ramirez
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