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Causes of Sports Injuries

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Nathan Thomas

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of Causes of Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries
Causes of Sports Injuries
Intrinsic Injures
Occurs when an athlete becomes injured as a direct result of taking part in sport
Preventing Intrinsic Injuries
1. Warm up before training and competition

2. Follow a training schedule that is specifically designed for the performer - consider age, ability, gender and medical condition.

3. Ensure correct clothing an footwear is being worn for the sport.
Extrinsic Sports Injuries
Caused by external factors and not the performer
Preventing Extrinsic Injuries
1. Players and officials must adhere to the rules

2. Use the correct equipment.

3. Ensure that risk assessments have been carried out
1. Overuse - athletes can overuse their bodies while training and performing.
2. Athletes can take part in exercise that is not suitable for their ability or if they have come back from injury: for example if an athlete is doing weight training at 50% of their 1Rep max and this then increased to 80%.
3. Poor limb alignment - this can put unnecessary strain
on the body and can lead to injury.
1. Those injuries caused by an opponent e.g. player making a bad tackle in a game of football/rugby

2 Caused by a piece of equipment -In hockey a ball coming into contact with an exposed area of the body.

3. Caused by weather conditions - a wet surface in a game of netball may cause the player to slip and injure themselves
All students will be able to describe the difference between an extrinsic and an intrinsic cause of injury.

Most students will be able to decide whether each injury is intrinsic or extrinsic and explain why.

Some students will be able to give detailed examples of sports injuries and what causes them.
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