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No description

thames thames

on 1 March 2015

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Transcript of sunday

Turracherhohe sundance
On sunday morning i felt sick.So then we had to go at late afternoon to AUSTRIA for skiing.it took 5 hours to go to AUSTRIA i was looking for all sorts of music in the car.
On friday morning we packed up and had breakfast.the skied for 3 hours and went home.
Thank you!
On thursday morning in the ski school we had a race of who is faster i was fith.then we whent to an other hotel and climbed a ski slope when i whent down with my slay i went so fast that flew of my slay and landed in the snow.
On tuesday we had breakfast and we whent to ski school i wasent that much exited as the others.
On wednesday afternoon i was very exited about going to to the swimming pool in the hotel i had great fun with my friends.after swimming we played UNO. then went to dinner.
On monday morning i met my friends in the hotel we had breakfast together and then we whent skiing but there was no ski school so we skid with our parents
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