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7th Grade 9/18/2014

No description

Susan Stamm

on 18 September 2014

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Transcript of 7th Grade 9/18/2014

Write about something you work hard at.

I work hard at.......

I do this because.....

Use inferences to create predictions about what will happen next.

Infer character motivation in a text and support with cited evidence.
Motivation: the driving force behind a person's actions, thoughts, or beliefs.
Nancy takes time to get to know her younger buddies during Friday

Infer: What motivated Nancy to do this?

Use clues in the sentence and personal experiences
Predicting: taking your inference and using it to think about what will happen next.
New Girl
- We'll do the first page together.
- Review directions

Let's practice!
-Read - underline inferring clues - predict for pages 2-4.
7th Grade 9/18/2014
Do Now
Karvis checks his grades each week on Power School.

Why? (Infer- What motivates Karvis to do this?)

What will happen next....?
Things that motivate....

tangible things
Share Out:

What clue words did you underline?

How did personal experiences help?
Let's practice inferring motivation!

Read: "Miami Kids Go to Boot Camp to Get in Shape."

Infer character traits of the kids and the coach of the camp.

Find clue words for inferring evidence.

Answer comprehension questions about motivation.
Exit Ticket

Read a paragraph and infer character motivation.
Vocabulary Their Way

Charades - act out words with actions, read definitions or create examples.

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