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Career Shadowing- Lauren King

Career Shadowing Prezi for last nine weeks.

Lauren King

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Career Shadowing- Lauren King

Career Shadowing :) By: Lauren King Pictures Purpose Of the company Where will the company be in 15 years? What are the employability skills required? What is the average salary and the education needed? What is the technology used in this job? The purpose is to be able to work out and enjoy your self while your kids are being safely taken care of in a playroom located in the gym. Some employability skills required are respect peers(people you work with), bosses and parents, be prepared (get lots of sleep and clean up before kids start coming in), be on time, wear correct uniform.(make sure you wear appropriate clothing with your Xtreme Kids T-shirt) The workers check off attendence as well as making sure all the kids are up to date on payments on by using features on the computer. The Xtreme Kids Daycare will be expanded, have more things to do, and better business in 15 years. The average salary is $7,500-$8,000 per year. The only education needed is a highschool deploma. Skills You need to be a good speaker and have patience, as well as very mobile and flexible with time schedules. Would i persue a career with this company? No, because I do not have the nerves or patience to watch kids all day. It was enjoyable, yet ear-ringing, but over all its just not a job for me. What did I like best about the job? What I liked best about the job was that eating is permitted when ever you like and you can play games with the kids. What did I dislike? What I disliked the most was that it is very noisy and you have to clean everything after all the kids leave.
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