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The Catering World


Michael Adriane Magsombol

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of The Catering World

The complexities involved in meeting the demands in the catering industry are also accompanied by higher margins and better growth potential. Output Processing... Summation of Impacts of Catering to Modern Industry SUCCESS!!! Catering Industry The catering industry is comprised of businesses that provide food, beverages and other services to a variety of clients, usually for special events. When catering social events, especially in the client's home, the caterer must determine if there is enough area to effectively handle the invited guests.

Is it possible to work in the home with that many guests?
What is the size of the kitchen?
Is room available to prepare the food and to get the food served properly and expeditiously? Obstacle 1 Obstacle 2 Obstacle 3 Goal Start The Caterer A professional, licensed, insured caterer will most often own a refrigerated truck and will rent more as demand necessities. Obstacles Caterers need to pass A caterer must make a decision to work with a client. They must develop set of questions w/c will assist them in deciding whether or not to accept a function. Location Considerations Many do not have the time or resources to adequately train their staff in professional service techniques. In addition, they may not have workman's compensation coverage for their staff. On and Off Room Availability & Capacity
Types of Room Setups for Functions
Meeting Setups
Cocktail Parties
Available Equipment
Tables(Round, Rectangular, Oblong)
Podium and Microphones
Audiovisual Equipment FUNCTION any use of banquet facilities
room may be rented by the client, or the establishment may allow the client to use the room at no change

Examples of Functions:
cocktail parties Function Book an organized system for listing rooms that the establishment has to rent on a daily basis Banquet Commercial Segment They are traditionally considered the for profit operations, includes the independent caterer, the restaurant caterer, and the home-based
caterer. In addition, hotel/motel and private club catering operations are also found in this category. Noncommercial Segment The non-for-profit operations, consists of the following types of catering activities:

business/industry accounts
college and university catering
health care facilities
recreational food service catering
school catering
social organizations
transportation food service catering Brainstorming Things to Prepare in Booking Functions What must be known about Function Room Setups Sketches Two Main Types of Catering
Catering Segments
Differences(Banquet and Catering)
How to Book Functions Difference Between
Catering and Banquets Catering Banquets One of the most significant impacts of the new business order is the demand for customized solutions to food requirements which implies the provisioning of a wider range of cuisines from all corners of the world at any ordered location. Some of the commonly tasked needs of this industry today are outdoor catering, off base catering, business meet food arrangements, foreign delegates servicing and on board servicing on planes and ships. YOU Equipment How will the catering team hold the food in proper storage temperature?
What kind of transportation will they use? Professional Training ON-PREMISE
CATERING the function is held exclusively within the caterer's own facility

some restaurants have specialized rooms
on-premise to cater to the private-party niche OFF-PREMISE
CATERING Hospital Catering
Elementary/High School Catering
University/College Caterers
Supermarket Catering transports all of the food, serving products, and personnel to a location other than the building or facility where the food is prepared must have access to equipment needed to prepare the food must furnish their own refrigerated trucks or other equipment to keep food hot or cold Military Segment Encompasses all catering activities involved in association with the armed forces and/or diplomatic events is a large meal or feast, complete with main courses and desserts. It usually serves a purpose such as a charitable gathering, a ceremony, or a celebration, and is often preceded or followed by speeches in honor of someone. Catering is rendering assistance in the form of food, drinks takes place takes place
the establishment the establishment First, know the availability of rooms & each it's capacity
Second, type of physical setups that will accommodate the guests comfortably & efficiently
Third, the equipment availability & the cost of extra equipment Care & Storage of the Book because it is such an integral part of the banquet business, it should be kept in a permanent place. It should not be brought into another office or to a person's home when booking a party. it should be kept in a locked area Afternoon Tea Welcome
Batangas City Cocktail Reception A cocktail wedding reception can begin as early as 4 p.m. but no later than 6 p.m. Hors d’oeuvres are passed by tray, served buffet-style, or some combination of both. Typically, the event wraps up around 7:30, when most guests begin to think about dinner. Types of Functions a complete meal in a restaurant or café for a stated price with a limited number of options to choose from for each course; it is usually cheaper than ordering dishes individually from the à la carte menu Set Menu An informal way of serving food at wedding receptions where dishes are set out on a long table or sideboard. Guests stand in line to help themselves to whatever they like. Buffet Resources is a gathering of two or more people that has been concerned for the purpose of achieving a common goal through verbal interaction, such as sharing information or reading agreement

occur face to face or virtually, as mediated by communications technology such as a telephone conference call (skype conference call). Meeting a small meal snack typically serve between 3pm and 5pm. The custom of afternoon tea originated in England in the 1840's. Thanks for Listening... Reporters: Jan Carmelle Labayane Michael Magsombol Christopher
Diane Sarah Jane
Jacinto Sheena
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