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Gathering Blue vs. The Giver

Comparing and Contrasting

Maxwell Schwartz

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of Gathering Blue vs. The Giver

Gathering Blue
The Giver Awesome Characteristics The Giver Gathering Blue Motivations Motivations Awesome Characteristics Kira is an extremely motivated individual.
She is constantly fighting an uphill battle due
to her twisted and useless leg. She is skilled and
effective with her threads, but always has the time
for others. Kira constantly has to fight to over come the weaknesses caused by her twisted leg Jonas doesn't have a specific person or thing to motivate him, but he constantly motivates himself by thinking about the better of others. This is why he took Gabriel and left the community. Jonas is a fun-loving and sporty teenage boy. He is a genuinely good kid with a lot of goals. He is not only wise, he is courageous, full of integrity, and intelligent. Kira Jonas The Giver takes place
in an idealistic, Communistic
community. Setting Setting Gathering Blue takes place in an altruistic society. They all live without unison or
basic living needs and essentials.
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