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World Hip Hop

No description

Sascha Ellis

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of World Hip Hop

We Live In A Hip Hop World!
Hip hop culture has made itself international over the past 40 years. It has popped up in corners of the world that people would never expect. Youth, leaders and those with a common cause have all used it to have their voices heard. Hip hop is a powerful force, let's take a look at it's effect around the world;
October 5, 1988- Thousands of schoolchildren and young adults rose up to fight against rising food prices and neglect of the education system. Some were killed by the Army. It was at this time that many current artists began writing their raps.
Intik are leaders in this scene. They rap in both Darija and French.
Algerian rap speaks about the reality of day-to-day life torn by "political injustice, terror, and war", its goal being to give hope to the younger generation.
More popular with Turks living in Germany. (Immigrant Workers)
Started with Advance Chemistry’s single “Fremd im eigenen Land” (“Strangers in Our Own Land”)
Turkish hip-hop has allowed the youth to embrace their identity and let others know that although some may see them as exiles in Germany, the youth take pride in themselves, their community, and their heritage.
More commonly known as "Pinoy Hip Hop"
It's journey is very similar to American Hip Hop.
Focuses on all the elements of hip hop
Also very popular in the U.S. with groups like Dilated Peoples, Jurrasic5 and even the Black Eyed Peas taking elements from it.
What do you know about it?
Time To Discover:
Final Project-
Create the track list and cover/back art for a CD.
Give it a creative title
It should have at least 10 tracks (real or fictional) and explanations for each one (1 or 2 sentences)
You can use the computers or hand draw it
The website "Hip Hop Gives Back" lets fans know when and where their favourite artists are holding charity events.
The more recent version of "We Are The World", which benefited earthquake victims in Haiti, featured many different members of the hip hop community.
If you were to become famous, what causes would you lend your support to?
Would it be in your community or internationally?
Grab a laptop or goto a computer and research a type of international hip hop
Tell us the inspiration or origin,
popular artists within the scene,
what it sounds like...
DAY 3:
Activity -
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