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come join us in maryland!

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Laura Flanagan

on 27 October 2015

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Transcript of come join us in maryland!

come join us in Maryland!
by ravi vasan
edited by olivia yellen

Here in Maryland we have amazing things
such as...
we have a great economy
there is some amazing landmarks
Fantastic religion
a really cool founder
awesome tour guides (that is me)
come check it out!
there are some really unique things about us, so if you want to find out what's juicy in this colony, come with me on a journey to maryland.
Here is our first stop at the shore where we are sending our Tobacco crop to england where they will send Maryland the money for growing it.
here is what we are selling; this is tobacco
this is how the harbor looks now but it is not how it looked back in the 1700's
come on we have to get to the founder of maryland's house. If we don't leave now we won't have time for anything else!
at last, we have made it to his house! the founder of maryland was Cecelius calvert or "lord baltimore". His father actually founded maryland but he died before he could sign the treaty. so that left the whole colony of maryland in cecilius calvert's hands.
maryland was founded on march 25, 1624. King george the 1st, offered cecilius calvert's father a colony north of virginia. his father died before that so he took it for himself. while Cecilius calvert had to stay in england, he sent his younger brother, Leonard calvert to become the first governer of the colony of maryland.
we are about to go to the catholic church of maryland. this was one of the most Frequently used curches of them all. In the 1700's, maryland was almost a fully catholic colony. so you could say that in the 1700's maryland was a catholic state or colony.
If you might be wondering this is how it might of looked back then if you had lived. maybe you did, but in a past life and you might just not remember.
lets go we still have to get to all the amazing landamrks of this colony. lets go see what this colony has to offer!

cecilius calvert was actually know as "lord baltimore the 2nd", and his father the founder of maryland "lord baltimore". but then again cecilius calvert was the official founder of maryland

ooooh, look what i just found. it is an old map Of Maryland! look it was in this capsule that i found in the ground!
Maryland was part of the southern colonies even though it was pretty central to the 13 colonies. Maryland, in the southern colonies, was also part of the costal plains. Pedimont plateau is as well in maryland. so is Blue ridge, but they are seperated by the chesapeake bay. maryland these days, is actually very cold during the winter. but apperently it wasn't that cold here in the 1700's. the winters were actually very easy to survive back then. bt then again the summers were brutal, hot and humid.
Maryland concentrated on agriculture and developed the plantations that exported Tobacco, cotton, corn, vegetables, grain, fruit, and livestock! that is pretty cool don't you think?

tobaccco Cotton corn vegetables
Grain fruit livestock
here in Maryland we have awesome landmarks. Just like these!
Maryland is 250 miles long and 90 miles wide. that ads up to be 9,837 square miles. but then again you can't forget to add amrylands weird shape.
i think that maryland is true to itself. it is really unique.just how back then the winters weren't bad in maryland, but now the winters are brutal. like if you saw how the ports have changed from then to now. plus like cecilius calvert, the founder of maryland who has long since past away. but he is still able to see what he started. how he sees us, the world may never know.
Thank you for listening!
wow! that's so cool!
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