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4th Habit- Think Win WIn

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Jennifer Parascandolo

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of 4th Habit- Think Win WIn

4th Habit-
Think Win-Win The Four states of mind Win-Win Win-Lose Lose-Win POEM Lose-Lose Opening Poem
"Win or Lose" by Deanna C. Dilley 1. Win-Win
2. Win-Lose
3. Lose-Lose
4. Lose- Win The all you can eat buffet, advantageous to both sides, as in a negotiation. Win-Win is a belief that everyone can win. It's both nice and tough all at the once. I won't step on you, but I won't be your doormat either. It is also belief that there's plenty of success to go around. Win-Win is abundant. The Totem Pole, Win-Lose is
competitive and full of pride. It is a
situation when you win on one side and
lose on the other. In the end Win-Lose
will usually backfire. You may end up
on the top of the totem pole. The Downward Spiral, losing on both
sides of a situation. Lose-Lose says, "If
I'm going down, you're going down with
me." Revenge is also Lose-Lose. Lose-Lose
is usually what happens when two
Win-Lose people get together. Loise-
Lose can occur when someone becomes
obsessed with another person in a
negative way. The Doormat, losing on one side and
winning on the other side. Lose-Win
looks prettier on the surface, but it's
just as dangerous as Win-Lose. Lose-
Win is weak; it's easy to get stepped on.
Win-Lose attitude you'll find yourself
setting low expectations and comprising
your standards again and again We choose this poem because there a
lot of athletes and they can relate to the
win-win thinking before a game. The
athletes sometimes think in a lose-lose
state of mind and it may become
unhealthy. It doesn't matter if you win or lose
It's how you play the game
Give your team mates a chance to score
Don't take all the credit
Everyone deserves a day of fame
You're not perfect
Don't pretend you are
It doesn't matter if you win or lose
It's how you play the game By: Jennifer, Claire, and Carissa War: A lose-lose situation "One Day' by Matisyahu Example of Win-Win Getting an A on a test and being
rewarded by being able to hang
out with your friends Getting to go to a party but not
doing your homework and getting grounded by your parents Example of Lose-Lose Getting a bad grade on a
test and having to stay after
class Example of Lose-Win You miss a fun hangout with
your friends but you get to
finish all your homework Please get into groups of 2 or 3 We are going to pass out a piece of paper including a scenario with one of the state of minds Figure out which state of mind
your example is (Win- Lose, Win-Win
etc.) Example of Win- Lose How Thinking Win-Win links
to Morality Having an everyone can win attitude
can help you make better
decisions and lead you to a life
full of good morality. Thinking with
a Win-Win attitude will fill your
heart with happy and serene
It will give you confidence :) We are going to play a
game of JEOPARDY!!! We are going to split into 2 groups There will be a prizee!!!!!! :)
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