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Does Video Games Affect Your Body

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Luis Rodriguez

on 13 November 2015

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Transcript of Does Video Games Affect Your Body

Reasearch Question
Will video games with intense action affect your breathing rate, and blood pressure rate?
Blood Pressure Monitor.
Action video game with console.

Risk and Safety
Risk:There is no risk when doing this project.

Safety:When doing the Poking test , Poke arm BE GENTLE.

When you get exited playing video games your , blood pressure, and breathing rate start to increase while your pain tolerance starts to decrease do to your blood pressure, breathing, and heart rate when it increases. Says reasearch.
I think playing video games with intense action ,will affect your body with affect of increasing breathing, and heart rate.
Future Studies
In the future i am going to record data for intense action video games again, but to make things intresting adding a game with no violence and recording data to see the diffrence in heart, breathing, and blood pressure rate.
My Hypothesis was incorrect ,the breathing rates , blood pressure,and pulse were at one point when started.After a few minutes of playing the rates decreased and the number of pokes where nearly the same.
Will Video Games Affect Your Body.
Luis Rodriguez

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