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Copy of What was russia like in 1855?

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Chris Edwards

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of What was russia like in 1855?

What was life like in Russia in 1855?
Christopher Edwards 136288
People and Society
Personality of Alexander II
The Population was Rapidly increasing
The majority of society was made up of
Russians (inc belorussians) and Ukrainians.
In addition there was a large amount of ethnic
groups such as Baltics, Finns, Jews and Poles
which completed the population this shows that
Russia was a very diverse country in 1855

In cities such as Moscow and particually St Petersberg the popualtion was dramatically increasing
The structure of Society at the time: 82% of people In Russia were peasants, this shows how undeveloped russia was at the time, only 4% of the population were working class this shows the lack of industry in russia. Only 1.5% of people were middle class, the people who would own buinesses and factories etc. The reminder of the population was made up of upper class and ruling class which together= 12.5% of russia's society this shpws the high level of autrocracy at the time
The tsar (leader) was seen to be the father
of russia who loved all of his "children" equally
and kept order and protected russia., he was
seen to disclipline individuals in this role. He was
seen as the subject to god and was responsible for spiritual and well being of the people

Autocrats never shared power with other groups, they regarded the idea of privelage as inherantly evil and would lead to corruption
There was a large amount of ethnic groups in Russia in 1855 this meant it was difficult to govern over a large amount of differing people so therefore problems occured such as defence, communication, education etc in addition danger of invasion always seemed to present due to the size of russia and its weak army
Land divided into provinces which were sub divided into
districts and further divided down to a village
The orthodox church saw the tsar
as its emperor and was fiancially
supported by the state and upper classes
Worlds largest country covering two
continents, due to this it had a vast
amount of climates such as desert,
tundra and forest areas. In the tundra many areas had permanent frost due to below freezing temperatures and therefore could not be used for agriculture. It had a average temp of -5.5C in some areas
Size of the country caused weakness
in terms of comminaction and poor roads,
for example messangers could only travel 50
miles a day
In 1945 russia was 24,00,000
square miles, im unsure about 1855
Russia was undeveloped such as
poor roads, low amount of factories,
lack of a railway
At the time England was selling 12x iron
more than Russia in 1850, this is becuase
it was diffucult to export due to price
and lack of modernastion
In 1855 economy was stagnating and
a competitive buisness economy had
still not been developed
In 1850's production of wool had
dramatically increased from 785,000
roubles in 1815 to 29,077,000,
also cotton had increased from 32000 roubles
in 1814 to 1,835,000 roubles
Vastly experienced for the job,
been prepared since childhood and educated
specifically for the job. He had controlled the
country in his fathers absence. He was
courageous, kind and considerate.

He was too pure, lacked passion
and iniative. He was less inspirational
and lacked judgement. He was indecisive
and may of been too well prepared for the
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