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Forest Gump Movie Presentation

No description

Trevor Guenther

on 27 November 2017

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Transcript of Forest Gump Movie Presentation

Forest Gump Movie Presentation
By: Trevor Guenther, Carter O'Neal, Ryan Mooney, Brandon

Disabilities Portrayed by Forrest
Forrest had an intellectual disability that made him not as bright as the others. Due to this disability, his IQ was also very low. Forrest would often do things or say things that the typical person would not say in public. Not only did he have an intellectual disability, but he was born with a crooked spine and leg problems.
Accurate Portrayal of the Character
Something that we consider accurate in this movie is how he was treated. Back then, someone that was not intelligent and had braces on their legs would most likely get bullied. However, this probably would not happen in today's world. Something else that was accurate was the race complications. Back in the 1960's - 1980's, racial conflicts were very likely. As far as his intellectual disability, when Forrest saw Jenny making out with her boyfriend in the car, Forrest attacked the man because he didn't understand what was actually occuring. Forrest was very protective and loved Jenny. In the beginning of the movie, he also kept to himself, and wasn't very social with other people, until Jenny befriended Forrest.
Inaccurate Portrayal of the Character
With an intellectual disability, and an I.Q. of 75, it isn't as likely to put together and take apart a rifle as fast as he did. Also, it is unlikely that someone with an intellectual disability would be able to run and own a successful business as well as he did. Another unlikely piece was when Forrest memorized and understood the layout of the land in Vietnam so well, and was able to rescue the wounded soliders. People with intellectual disabilities wouldn't usually perform at this level. Also, someone with a physical disability like a crooked spine and braces on his legs wouldn't be able to just come out of them, and run as fast as he did. He also wouldn't be able to play football and go to war like he did.
Video Summary
The movie Forrest Gump is about a man with a low I.Q. and an intellecutal disability, but with good intentions. Forrest was also born with a crooked spine and needed braces on his legs. In Forrest Gump, Forrest was clearly different than the other people around him, but that did not stop him from being happy. When Forrest was a kid, he was always being made fun of, and being bullied for having braces on his legs. Though his differences, Forrest always turned his setbacks into something good for him. For example, when he finally got his braces off, he found out that he is faster then everyone else, and even ends up being a football star at Alabama University. Forrest had a best friend when he was a kid named Jenny, that helped Forest with his disabilities, helped him socially, and continued to be part of Forrest's life. Later, Forrest enlisted into the Army and met his good friends, Dan and Bubba. He also loved his momma very much, Mrs. Gump. The main theme of this movie is life is like a box of chocolates, and you never know what you're going to get.
Movie Clip
In Our Profession
As a physical education major, we realized that there are going to be people/students that are different from one another. Though they are different, there is no reason to treat them worse then the other students. We also learned that these students will surprise us with their abilities of what they can do, like Forrest surprised everyone on how fast he could run after he got his braces off, and how having a low I.Q., and being intellectually disabled never stopped him from succeeding.
Comparing from Back Then and Today
Back then
, people looked at others with intellectual disabilities as different, or weird, almost like a freak. In the time period of the movie, most people with disabilities wouldn't be allowed to attend school either. Nowadays people are a lot more accepting of people with disabilities.
In the movie
, Forrest was frequently looked at as funny, or weird, and was made fun of, or bullied. Kids wouldn't even let him sit next to them on the bus (Except for his eventually true love, Jenny).
people will let them sit wherever they want. A person bullying somebody with a disability would be frowned upon today, and usually woudn't be an issue.
In the movie,
Forrest's mother was told he could not attend public school because of his IQ. However, Forrest did attend school in the movie. A lot of times, this wouldn't be allowed or seen with someone who had a disability.
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