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Prisoner B-3087

No description

gaby gil

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Prisoner B-3087

Prisoner B-3087
Affects on people..
My opinion..
Jack's life was awful, nobody would want to go through what he went through.Imagine you are Jack a ten year old boy with nothing, with no parents starving to death watching people die, watching people suffer.
Early Years....
Had a horrible childhood
The Nazis killed his parents because they were Jewish
Jack's Uncle took care of him until the Nazis killed the Uncle too
Life Accomplishments..
He survived the Holocaust
Then he got married with his girlfriend who was also in the Holocaust
They both traveled across the world telling there life of surviving the Holocaust.
This picture show's you how the Jewish people looked like in the Holocaust.
This picture is going to show you how they looked like when the Nazis starved the poor Jewish people to death, and how skinny the looked like.
Was this person successful?...
I think Jack wasn't really successful at first because he was in the Holocaust but when he survived the Holocaust he was really successful, because he traveled across the world and people wanted to know about his life in the Holocaust ,and how he survived.
Some people were not happy what Hitler and the Nazis were doing to the jews,so the people got really mad ,they knew the Jews didn't deserve this.
What the Holocaust looked like...
Starving to death...
Would i recommend this book to you?...
I recommend this book to you because you learn that back then life wasn't that easy as it is today. Prisoner B-3087 is very interesting especially if your into History,World War 2 or if u want to learn more about the people in the Holocaust .
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