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Blood dimonds

No description

Skye Davis

on 9 January 2014

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Transcript of Blood dimonds

Blood dimonds
Why is it a world problem?
Because of the way they are mined, and the fund go to wars, this is a growing problem. People often boycott diamonds that were mined for war purposes. Warlords often employ civilians to 'do the dirty work' mining, and if for any reason, an opposing side to the war will kill these people, or sometimes even worse they will mutilate them. Mainly they choose to cut off their hands or arms so they can no longer mine.
Women, children and the elderly who are in need of money to feed their families are the main people who mine Blood Diamonds. They mining takes place mostly in Sierra Leone Africa, and Russia. these countries that are rich in diamonds don't actually benefit from the money since none of the profit actually goes to them.
What are blood diamonds?
Blood diamonds or 'conflict diamonds' are diamonds that are mined for benefit of a war. They aren't actually red, but they are almost always acquired violently, thus the name blood diamonds.
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