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Google Map

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boob Ka

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Google Map

This presentation is brought to you by: J Beekhuis TJ Beekhuis This is where my dad grew up, he spent about his first 18years in this house This is where he went to grade school. This is Amherstburg Public School. This is where he went to highschool. General Amherst Highschool Where he learned what study he want to progress into. This is boblow island. This island use to have a amusement park on it. Throught out my dada's highschool/university time he worked on this island. This is just a over view of the island. It shows where this is located on the map. This is shooters. This is where my mom and dad met. After his baseball games he always went there to drink. He was about 33 when they met. Aftermy parents gottogether they moved into this house. Until about 2003 then we moved to LaSalle. When we moved into LaSalle we moved into this house where we currently live. Thank you for watchin my presentaton :) After highschool he went on to go to the university of windsor where he studied IT.
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