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Child Beauty Pageants

No description

Emily Olson

on 30 May 2014

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Transcript of Child Beauty Pageants

My argument is that child beauty pageants should be banned because they send a bad message, can affect a child's development, and contestants often suffer from eating disorders and depression.
My Argument
Kirsten Haglund
Miss America 2008 Kirsten Haglund was 19 when she won the Miss America title. But in a later interview she admitted she was an anorexia survivor.
Evidence 1
There are possible emotional problems involved in competing in pageants that could cause long term effects.
Evidence 1
A study evaluated the association between childhood beauty pageants and adult eating disorders, body dissatisfaction, depression and low self esteem, the association was large.
Evidence 3
Child Beauty Pageants
By: Emily Olson P.7
In 1968, hundreds of feminists gathered on the boardwalk to protest the Miss USA pageant and people say feminists opinions haven't changed since then.
Evidence 1
Evidence 3
Toddlers and Tiaras have been accused and criticized for encouraging the hyper-sexualization of children that can make them targets to sexual predators and pedafiles.
In hair spray there is a chemical called Phthalates and excessive exposure to it can stunt growth and it is linked to lung cancer.
Evidence 3
Reason 1
Evidence 2
Young women all over the world are losing too much weight to compete in beauty pageants.
Reason 2
Pageants send a bad message to its viewers and contestants.
Evidence 2
On Toddlers and Tiaras, a child pageant reality show, contestants put on fake teeth, hair, tan and lashes, tons of makeup, a glitzy, revealing dress and heels to compete.
Reason 3
Pageants can affect a child's development.
Evidence 2
All the makeup and hair products contestants use have harmful chemicals in them that can cause health problems.
Beauty pageant contestants (kids and adults) often suffer from eating disorders and depression.
Child pageants started in 1921 when the Atlantic City hotel owner came up with the idea to help tourism
The Little Miss America pageant began in the 1960s in New Jersey
They were originally designed for teens ages 13-17, but since there were so many contestants, they had to have an age group
Pageants aren't all bad:
Children can get comfortable in front of crowds
Pageants can carry over into other activities such as dance, acting, singing, music recitals, public speaking, etc.
Kids can make lifelong friends
In some cases it can help boost confidence
Call For Action
I couldn't find much for the call for action besides:
Don't support child pageants
Don't let your child compete in them
Don't watch them

In conclusion, I think that child beauty pageants should be banned because, they send a bad message,can affect a child's development, and contestants often suffer from eating disorders and depression.
Thanks For Watching!
Any Questions?
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