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No description

Katy Teixeira

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of Wordsmithing

Katy Teixeira
Ag Teacher
Anderson Union High School Wordsmithing to Win My Background Showed 10 years in 4-H and FFA
Raised horses, cattle, sheep, swine and goats.
FFA National Champion Horse Judging Team
High Individual Overall and in Reasons
Attended Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo
Past National President Ag Communicators of Tomorrow
Teach at Anderson Union High School Fill your toolbox... Some helpful hints... Anatomy of a Goat hammer out the details Start with your placing and an overall statement...
Describe the top individual
Talk your 1st place individual(2-3 points)
Compare 2nd place to first place
Talk your 2nd place individual(2-3 points)
Compare 3rd place to 2nd place
Talk your 3rd place individual (1-2 points)
Talk your 4th place individual (1-2 points)
End with an Overall Statement What to say... In the Show Ring Always use complete sentences when answering questions. Make eye contact with the judge. If you do not know the answer to a question, admit it and say you will get back to them. Find out the answer, then be sure to get them! Judging Contests A judging contest can consist of any number of classes. Most classes consist of four individuals that you rank 1 to 4 Market and Breeding classes are based upon breed standard of...

Other evaluated
characteristics include...
Breed Characteristics
Quality of Offspring Questions? What's the plan... Today's topics include... Know your goat
Know the parts of the goat
Know your breed standard
Learn other breed standards
Study descriptive words
Visualize the "perfect" animal Other helpful hints... Always VISUALIZE the class.

Don't ever try to memorize a set of reasons.

When in doubt, pick the animals in the order in which YOU would purchase them...

Always ask questions, strive to learn more
and remember to have FUN!

Answering questions in the show ring...

Basic steps to a set of oral reasons...

Answer questions... Contact info:
Katy Teixeira
530.365.2741 ext.1215 Paint a picture... A picture is worth a thousand words...
make those thousand
words count!
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