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Civil War Music

No description

Sophie DeMichiel

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Civil War Music

Civil War Music Shiloh's Hill bloodiest battle
10000 men were killed
depressing song
awful struggle
fathers fighting sons
April 6, 1862 The song tells the horrible story about what occurred at the battle of Shiloh Hill. By Sophie and Christina A Life on the Vicksburg Bluff Grant is starving the South out
food is wasting away for South
South lives in the trenches
only eat mule stew, mule roast, and pea bread
North is living well and has lots of food
South is running low on food and starving FUN FACT! At President Barack Obama's inauguration, Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir sang "Battle Hymn of the Republic'', which is a song from the Civil War and was written by an abolitionist. New Emancipation Song give the slaves their freedom
let slavery not be extended
slaves no longer belabor and be treated as neighbors
demand emancipation
slavery's reign quickly ended The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down winter of 1865 people of the South were starving
May 10, 1865 Richmond Virginia had lost to the Union
In Tennessee people saw Robert E. Lee and his army go on by
The Union should have never taken the South's way of life away from the South THE END!!!!!!!!!! Fredrick Douglas an abolitionist
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