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Nintendo's History

No description

Donovan Lay

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Nintendo's History

Nintendo's History What are some of Nintendo's most popular games, are they still popular today? Who founded Nintendo,when, and how did the company start out? What were some of Nintendo's game systems, were they popular, why? Super Mario Brothers The Legend of Zelda Metriod Pokemon Donkey Kong The Super Mario Brothers, the only plumbers that everyone knows. This series didn't start out the way we play it today, it started in a game called Donkey Kong. People only knew him as Jumpman, because that's what he did he jumped, and tried to save a woman from an ape. He was also in Donkey Kong Jr. and was the bad guy. Nintedo wanted to take this further and make this character's own series, with his brother Luigi, they have been in over 200 games, 1 movie and have and thier very own television show. A legend that was a great experience from the very start. The first game was originally named Hyrule Destiny but was later renamed The Legend of Zelda. Even though the game revolved around the hero Link, it was still named after the princess Zelda.There have been 15 games, and only one television show.
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