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Principles of Play

Understanding both the attacking and defending principles of play in soccer

Mirco Schroff

on 3 March 2014

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Transcript of Principles of Play

Attacking Principles Principles of Play PENETRATION

Used effectively to exploit the space behind defenders
Ultimately in the final third
Also possible in midfield or in the defending third DISPERSAL

Creating Width (Side to Side)
Creating Depth (End to End)
Creating Time & Space SUPPORT

Support the Ball (Near)

Support the Player (Far)

Distance of Support

Angle of Support MOBILITY

Movement off the ball
to get on the ball
to get someone else on the ball

Interchanging positions CREATIVITY



Shooting 'Winning the ball is the objective' Defending Principles DELAY

Immediate Pressure on the ball
Deny penetrating passes COVER

Covering a pressuring defender
Covering dangerous space DEPTH

Providing Support
Playing in a 'good' position BALANCE

Occupying space COMPACTNESS

End to end
Side to side
Around the ball
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