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Report Cards in Illuminate

No description

Ann Stefano

on 2 November 2016

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Transcript of Report Cards in Illuminate

Report Card Resources
Illuminate Report Card Workshop

Illuminate Grades Help Manual

Archived Webinars
Report Cards in Illuminate
Important Implementation Questions
1. Are you using a previous report card or need to create a new one?

2. Are you using current or new grading practices across the district?

3. How will you be collecting data or measuring student learning for the report card?
Pick Your Match
Take a look at the 3 samples provided and choose a report card most like yours.
Getting To Know Your Report Card the Illuminate Way
Mapping the Fields
Report Cards in Illuminate
This session will focus on Elementary/Standards Based Report Cards in Illuminate and the setup process for System Admin or Report Card Builders!
Follow me on Twitter:
Follow the Implementation Team on Activate Instruction:

Illuminate Education
Today's Session will be presented by:
Annie Stefano and Seth Diaz
On the Report Card Template, you will then have to then layout or map the fields where they go on the template.
Best to do last, when all field groups and fields are complete
Focus on English first
Focus on Trimester 1 or the first grading period
Use the Inspector Tool (i) for formatting tools
Save often
Cluster and Skill Level (Mix)
Keep It Simple and Static
But Annie, which one do you recommend? A report card that matches your culture and supports your teachers best.
Student Groups
For each group of students to receive a report card, create a student group at the District level

RC 5th Grade
RC 3rd Grade English Learners
Value Sets and Scales
Value Sets are like drop-downs with specific options for teachers to choose, such as Citizenship, Work Habits, or Checkmarks
Teacher can select E, S, N, or * for showing Effort in Class

Value Scales are for Gradebook users or those who think they could use Gradebooks in the future, to tell the score or value to display a certain way in the report card
86% in the Math Gradebook is a 3 level of mastery on the Report Card
Field Groups and Fields
Print Groups
Print Groups link all related report cards onto a complete whole, like a folder to hold all of the report cards in one place
For example, Grade 4 Trimester 1, Grade 4 Trimester 2, and Grade 4 Trimester 3, are the three report cards that make up the whole Grade 4 report card. Therefore, all three related report cards must link to the same print group.
If a grade level or site has a different report card, they must have their own print group.
Gr. 6 IE Charter Academy
Report Card Template
Last piece of the building puzzle is to create the Report Card Template, a bigger folder for everything you've done to be connected.
Create a template for each Report Card and Grade Level
Select field groups and student groups that apply
Select the correct grading period
Building Blocks to Report Cards
*Only have to do this once!
Field Groups are areas on the Report Card with fields or data entry points for teachers.
English Language Arts is a field group
Effort, Overall Grade, and Informational Text are fields where teachers enter data.

Each field needs an assigned type: Manual Entry, Gradebook/Assessment, Custom Report, or Value Set.
*Can be made once if applicable to multiple grade levels if exactly the same
*Only need to create Print Groups once!
Warning: This can take the longest because of printing and testing how data is being printed.
Permissions and Grading Periods
Enable permissions for all users that will be using the Grades (Report Cards) module.
Contact your Implementation Manager for details
Refer to http://goo.gl/MUzFHQ for specific details

Set Grading Periods to control when users have access to enter data for Report Cards
Typically follows grading periods
Grading Window includes time before or after the grading period that teachers still have time to review and edit report card data
Checklists and Planners
For a complete checklist, check out: http://goo.gl/PNV9Ed
Create a Report Card Building Calendar to pace out steps:
Share and Test
Share Field Groups with users who are expected enter data
Gr. 3 Reading, shared with all Third Grade teachers
Don't forget admin or those who can edit after the window closes!
Share Report Cards with users who are expected to enter, access, and print report cards for entry
3rd Grade Q1 Report Card to all third grade teachers
Don't forget admin or those who are troubleshooting printing, entering, etc.!
Use Permissions Groups to create "sharing groups" for quick and easy sharing
RC Elementary Admin (comprised of elementary principals, specialists, and secretaries who will have editing permissions after teachers are locked)
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