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The Similarities and Differences between Mesopotamia and Ind

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holly smith

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of The Similarities and Differences between Mesopotamia and Ind

The Similarities and Differences between Mesopotamia and Indus River Valley.
Who What When Where Why:

By: Kimberly Curran, Katie Foley, Olivia Sanford, and Daphne Peigh

compare and contrast
Mesopotamia- code of Hammurabi is a well preserved Babylonian code of law
Indus river valley-Hinduism they were polytheistic
Mesopotamia-combination monarchy and democracy between kings and elected officials from the assembly ruled by the people
Indus river valley-they had a layout that was the same between all of the cities , the people that were in charge were the priests
advances in civilization-Mesopotamia built ziggurats, had well organized governments, irrigation and farming, they developed writing. Had irrigation systems, waters brought to crops by canals, the first code of law was the "Hammurabi Code".
Indus River Valley- Indus people built cities with straight streets, also brick homes, they made beautiful pottery, weaving, and metal working. Each home had it's own private restroom.
Society- Mesopotamia
This was a Indus River Valley Person
This was a Mesopotamian Person
* Mesopotamia created the first writing system. While Indus River Valley we don't know if they had one.

* Both were surround by deserts,rivers, and they were both highly agricultural.

* Both were very productive with their populations ( people wise).

*Mesopotamia had the first irrigation system ( brought water canals to the town) while Indus River did not think of canals and fetch their own water.
Mesopotamia and Indus river aren't that far apart!
The End
Indus Valley:The government controlled the religion here. The only law was for people to follow their darma.
Mesopotamia:Combination of monarchy and democracy. They followed the Code of Hammurabi.

Indus Valley: Hinduism. Hindu's followed their darma to get good or bad karma. Your karma determines what caste you will be in.
Mesopotamia:They followed one or many gods. no set religion

Indus Valley:Appears to have depended significantly on trade.
600 B.C, the Maharajahs
Mesopotamia:Mostly depended on trade.

Indus Valley:Shell working, ceramics and glazed bead making was used to make jewelry.
Mesopotamia:Cylinder seals and clay plaques reflected Mesopotaamia's way of life.

Indus Valley:Among the first to develop a system of uniform weights and measures.
Mesopotamia:Invented metal and copper making, glass and lamp making and many other things.
Social Structure
Indus Valley:Based on the Hindu caste system.
Mesopotamia :Was highly stratified which means it had an upper, middle and lower class.
Mesopotamia: A group of people that discovered mesopotamia.
Indus River Valley: Charles Mason Indus.
Mesopotamis: the land between the Tigris and the Euphrates river.
Indus River Valley: an ancient civilization that flourished.
Mesopotamia: Around 2000 B.C.
Indus river valley: Around 3300 B.C.
Mesopotamia: modern Iraq and Eastern Syria.
Indus River Valley :Northern Pakistan and Western India.
Mesopotamia: They were the first civilization.
Indus River Valley: It improved the key water reasorce for the economy

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