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Ford and Firestone, A Moral Ethics Case

No description

Geoff Green

on 11 October 2013

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Transcript of Ford and Firestone, A Moral Ethics Case

Consequences of recalling products
Ford and Firestone, A Moral Ethics Case
Ethical issues
Protagonist and interested parties
Potential Actions
Consequences of recalling products
Consequences of Negotiating
Consequences of redesigning products
consequences of blaming someone else

Background info.
Two companies: Ford Motor Company and Firestone.
Problems with the Ford Explorer and the Firestone tires equipped with the SUV from 1999-2000.
Ford motor company did not make many complaints about the reports from Saudi Arabia and Brazil since the weather in those nations made it hard for tires to perform functionally.
The NHTSA investigated and found several issues with the tires;SUVs rolled over
This investigation caused both the companies to have serious discussions with each other and within the organization as to what should happen next.

Protagonist and Interested Parties
The protagonists are Ford Motor company and Firestone.
The interested parties are the workers of the two companies and the consumers
Potential Actions
Both Firestone and Ford had to make crucial decisions regarding the situations they were involved in.

Recall products
Negotiate with the other company
Redesign products
Blame someone else

What would we do? (wwwd)
Recall products and attempt negotiation between two companies to solve the problem.
Would result in temporary loss of profit for both Ford and Firestone
However, would gain customer trust and potentially not lose partnership.

Engineering Ethics 4th Edition, Fleddermann pg. 84-86

By: Aditya Kulkarni, Manuara Costa, Blake Howard, and Geoff Green
The ethical issues in the case are mostly around saving costs, increasing production to make more money.
According to the workers, there were bubbles in the tires and yet they were still produced because the management wanted to increase production.
According to Firestone, Ford had major flaws in their design of the Explorer.

Ethical Issues
Trust from customers would improve company image thus improving business.
Safety of customers would increase.

Recalling products would cost the companies a lot of money.
Stray away from their goal of maximizing profit.
Could risk bankruptcy.
Consequences of negotiating
Future business between Firestone and Ford
Losing money.
Potential neglect of customers.
Delay in servicing the product.

Consequences of redesigning products

Possible improvement of product.
Happier customers
Too much time and money spent.
Focus taken off of fixing the existing problem
Consequences of Blaming Someone Else
Take the blame off of self
The problem is not solved.
There is more hostility formed between the two companies so there may not be future business contracts
Thank You!
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