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Community Driven Sustainability

No description

Lead Ely

on 3 November 2015

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Transcript of Community Driven Sustainability

Asset Based Community Development
In the end, I think we figures it out
Just because something is free, does not guarantee success
Identify formal and informal community leaders/communicators, community groups and organizations, and institutions that directly and indirectly influence the community.
Local and grassroots assets are the primary building blocks for sustainable community development.
Building TRUST with individuals, communities, and organizations allows us to build TRUST with those that TRUST them!
Solar Affordable Housing Program
provides low-to-no cost solar electric systems to families that qualify as low income, and install them using a barn-raising model that gives volunteers and job trainees hands-on experience they can use to get jobs in the growing solar industry.

at first
Community Driven Sustainability
Questions I was asked:
Is this really free? Nothing is free in this world.
Is this going to attract more radiation into my home?
Are these the same panels that President Jimmy Carter promoted and did not work?
What is the catch?

We had to find a common ground; Something that individuals, the community, groups and organizations, and government could rally around:

In my 6 years with GRID Alternatives:
Privilege of personally working with more than 200 low-income homeowners/families across LA, Ventura, and Orange County
Resulted in over $3 million of renewable energy investments into our communities at no-cost to the community
Hundreds obtain solar installation training and experience FOR FREE
Helped move job-training orgs like YouthBuilds into green building.
Building Community from an Asset Perspective
Maximize the community knowledge of your Stakeholders while respecting their culture and experiences.
We had to figure out
"What do our communities really care about?"
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