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RA Fire Safety Training A 2015

Be prepared

C Maningas

on 28 February 2017

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Transcript of RA Fire Safety Training A 2015

Campus Fire Safety Training
Today's Agenda
Fire Safety: Need
Situational Awareness
Alarms and Sprinklers
Cooking Safety
Fire Extinguishers
Why Think Fire Safety?
It can happen to You
You can Prevent Fire,
You can survive fire
You can Help Others
(And it is Required)
Alarms and Sprinklers
Alarms and Sprinklers
Clear flow path
Take seriously
Is it Safe?

Where are the Exits?
Am I ready to escape?
Act Swiftly and lead the way?
Fire Extinguishers
Others are evacuating
Fire is small and confined
Easy Exit
911 has been called
If the fire Blocks your exit
The fire is growing to rapidly
Cooking Safety
Watch What you heat
The Station
Pay Attention to when and how
the person videoing exits
Is it better to react at the risk of looking dumb?
Fine Line Music
i'm out
2000 - 2015
89 fatal fires killing 126 students on a college campus, Greek housing, or off-campus housing within 3 miles of campus.
107 died in off-campus housing (1 in Mitchell in 2014)
9 died in on-campus building/residence hall
10 died in Greek housing
Situational Awareness
The Speed of this fire is not unusual

Similar fire 3 Days earlier
Pyrotechnics & foam insulation
Minneapolis, MN
Sprinklers and
trained employees
120 Escaped with no crushing in 2 min.
How Do We Use Them
Don't USE!
Assign responsibilities
Practice those responsibilities (drills)
Discuss in meetings – Use “Keep their Head” model
What Can You Do?
Emergency Lights
Fire Safety Equipment

Shut Off Valves
Know where there located
Do not tamper with
Exit signs visible and functioning
Exit Signs
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