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Open Source Software, Android

No description

Ding Dong Bell

on 15 December 2013

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Transcript of Open Source Software, Android

It was developed by Andy Rubin, Rich Miner, Nick Sears, Chris White
Google has purchased it for $50 million in August, 2008

A platform and operating system for smart phones
Based on Linux Kernel
Android is an open source product together with Google and OHA under Apache License
What is Android?
Version of Android
Android 1.0
First full version of Android
Wifi & Bluetooth support
Instant messaging, Multitasking

Cupcake 1.5
Donut 1.6
Quick search box & voice box added
Integrated camera, camcorder, gallery interface
Gesture control 1st implemented
Bluetooth 2.1 support
Camera flash & zoom support
Multi-touch response
Eclair 2.0
Contact sharing with bluetooth
Adobe Flash 10.1 support
Shortcut for phone & browser apps
Froyo 2.2
Brand new UI theme
Improved download manager & app management
Gingerbread 2.3
Specifically for tablets
Support for bigger size
Honeycomb 3.0
Ice cream sandwich 4.0
Face unlock
Powerful web browser
Live effect for transforming video
Kitkat 4.4
Just say "OK Google" for instruction
Emojis everywhere
Print anywhere, everywhere
Jellybean 4.1
Support group messaging via MMS
New gesture typing keyboard
Top Free Apps
Social Network
Prepared by
Chan Mei Ting
110 270 2610

Thank you!!
Open Handset Alliance
compose of mobile operators, software companies and handset manufacturers.
a consortium of 84 firms aimed at developing open standards for mobile devices
Back button
Bluetooth/ Wifi
Video calling/ SMS
Useful apps for MMU students
Faster GPS
Onscreen keyboard added
Directly upload video to Youtube & Picasa
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