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The Muscular System

No description

Lily Lisnic

on 24 May 2013

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Transcript of The Muscular System

The Muscular System By Lily Lisnic -What are the components of the system?
-What is it's main function?
-How can you take care of the system?
-What are somethings that can go wrong with the system? Your muscular system is all of your muscles.
Here are the four questions that will be answered in this Prezi. The components are muscle and bone. That’s why it’s called the muscular system. To be more specific, cardiac muscle, skeletal muscle. The cardiac muscle is your heart. It is made out of smooth muscle. Your stomach for example is made out of smooth muscle. Skeletal muscle is muscle connected to the bone. It is attached to the bone by tendons. Tendons are like glue holding something down on a piece of paper. What are the components of the system? It’s main function is to make your body move or else you would be just all floppy. All body movements from walking, running, and even circulating blood depend upon the actions of muscles. Your muscles help you do every thing you do even though you don’t think about it. They help you walk, lift objects, eat, and frown. What is it's main function? You can take care of the muscular system by taking in a lot of calcium, which helps your muscles, but also helps your bones grow and become stronger. Eating foods with protein that help to feed the muscles.
2)Eat Nutritiously
Good posture keeps your muscles in good condition. Proper nutrition and a good consistent strength training plan can help build and maintain strong muscles and connective tissues that will also become more resistant to injury and support the joints. How can you take care of the system? What are some things that can go wrong with the system? Muscles become smaller and weaker when they are not used. If you use your muscles for a long time, waste materials will collect in the muscle tissues. When this happen, your muscles will not be able to contract well. Muscles cannot do their work if they do not contract well. You might have heard something called a muscle spasm. That is when your muscles are strained and hurt when you use them. When you felt tired while doing an activity, it is a signal that your muscles need rest. When your body is resting, it will have time to remove the waste. You can relax by taking a short nap, reading a book, or watching a movie. Diagram
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