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International Spring Break

I hopped off the plane at LAX with a dream and my cardigan Welcome to the land of fame, excess, whoa am I gotta fit in?

Kyle Bass

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of International Spring Break

By Kyle Bass Let's Go Party In London Travel Costs Flight Cost- $6960
Hotel Cost- $212 per night
Meals- $20 to $40
Transportation- FREE!!! Walk Everywhere What I will need In order to make it into London, England, all I will need is a passport and a plane ticket. What if its stolen? If your passport is lost or stolen, then you should immediately report this to the Passport Office or Embassy. Are there any language barriers? In London, almost everyone speaks english, but it is only in a different accent then most americans. Any warnings? One of the biggest things to be cautious about is keeping money hidden. Pick pockets are one of the biggest problems of crime in London. Any problems with food? You need to watch what you eat. There are some restaurants in London that will serve unfresh or uncooked food in which you could get food poisoning . Emergency info? It is important to know that the emergency number is not 911 in London, but is 999. How long can I stay? In London, you can stay as long as you want and not become a citizen, a long as you continue renewing your visa. Where is the U.S. Embassy? The U.S. Embassy is located on24 Grosvenor Square in London.
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