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Optical Illusions

No description

Dominic Rayter

on 2 July 2013

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Transcript of Optical Illusions

Optical Illusions
By Dominic Rayter, Amin Rawlinson and Tom Sproull

An optical illusion is a trick played on the mind using an image that is visually perceived in a way that's different from what it is in reality. It uses the fact that our brains interpret and process information.
What is an Optical Illiusion?
The Physics of Optical Illusions
Optical illusions work on the basis of the brain seeing logical things, where what is actually shown is something completely illogical.
This shape looks about right... or does it?
Does this look realistic?
Look at this picture. Now look to the side of the picture. Do the circles move?

If not, there's probably something wrong with you.
Is this a man playing a saxophone? Or a woman?
How are we fooled so easily?
Optical illusions can fool people very easily. This is because our early development "hard wired" our perceptions. As a result, we learn to subconsciously interpret the images we see every day.
The eye sees things in a logical way, therefore when it comes across something which is not logical, the eye sees what it should be, and it takes time for the eye to realise that it is not correct.
Due to the arrangement of images, effect of colours, impact of light source or other variable, a wide range of misleading visual effects can be seen.
Stare at the 4 small dots in
the middle of the picture for
30 seconds. Now blink rapidly and look
away. What do you see?
Im normal and your George
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