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Romon Di Michele

No description

Elizabeth Harris

on 16 September 2015

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Transcript of Romon Di Michele

By Romon Di Michele
AFL Origins
Why is AFL relevant to today
How Many People World Wide Play AFL.
There are almost 50 countries that play AFL and those 50 countries must have allot of people and just imagine how many people are in that 50 countries.
How did AFL become popular
There was 95,000 spectators watching AFL for the very first time and most of those spectators liked it but some didn't but most did like the AFL
Why was AFL invented
Tom Wills wanted to make a really good sport. He wanted to make it the best sport in the world so then he started drawing up the rules and also make the right for the sport. He wanted to make it so good he would get an award which he did and some people all ready think that AFL is the best sport ever invented.
Who invented AFL And Why ?
Who Invented it ?

AFL was invented by John Wills in the wonderful Melbourne In 1854.
AFL Origins
By Romon Di Michele
AFL makes the wonderful Australia a better place and a safer place.
Why They invented AFL ?

John Wills invented AFL to make Australia a better place and he wanted to make AFL The most popular and best sport ever invented and it is all that to some people but some people think different.
When was the very first AFL Game
The Very first AFL game was in 31st of July 1858 in Melbourn and the first teams where called grammar school and scotch collage
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