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World Music:Indigenous Australian

No description

Olivia Durnan

on 12 April 2015

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Transcript of World Music:Indigenous Australian


The purpose of the song Treaty by Yothu Yindi in our presentation was to represent Indigenous Australians in the Australian migration story as the traditional custodians of the land. While everyone else in the story had to board the boat to arrive in Australia, they did not. The song also provides an example of a number of the characteristics which were outlined previously in cultural significance, it is a politically motivated song that deals with themes of importance to the writer.

Our composition
It surprised me how easily we developed our composition, we each just chose a letter and then we put those letters together, after a little tweaking we had a pleasant sounding melody. We then added the lyrics to help to tell our story, using repetition to convey the key message.
We then built on our composition by adding new instruments after each additional song, this added more depth to our music and also symbolised the growing multiculturalism in Australia as migration occurred from many countries around the world.
Historical and Cultural Significance
Senior artist and elder David Mowaljarlai OAM (1928 - 1997) once stated 'song was the first idea, the principle of sharing which underlies our system'.
Over time the traditional styles of indigenous music have been influenced through other music styles, in particular rock and country but the music stays true to Mowaljarlai's statment and contemporary artists are likely to write about subjects important to their communities, especially land and community issues as well as protest songs.
World Music: Indigenous Australian is a genre that incorporates a variety of distinctive traditional music styles practiced by Indigenous Australian peoples, as well as a range of contemporary musical styles of and fusion with European traditions as interpreted and performed by Indigenous Australian artists.
Australia.gov.au,. (2015). austn-indigenous-ceremony |australia.gov.au.
Retrieved 12 April 2015, from http://www.australia.gov.au/about-australia/australian-story/austn-indigenous-ceremony
Indigenous Australian
Taylor & Francis,. (2015). Singing about nations within nations: Geopolitics and identity in Australian indigenous rock music. Retrieved 12 April 2015, from http://dx.doi.org/10.1080%2F03007760008591767
The task that we completed is one which could be very effectively implemented in to the primary curriculum. It makes numerous connections with the 'Creating and Making' and 'Exploring and Responding' dimensions.
Importantly, it also gives those involved the opportunity to extend their understanding through fun and entertaining circumstances that also pushes students beyond their comfort zone.
Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority. (2012). The Australian Curriculum in Victoria. Retrieved from: http://ausvels.vcaa.vic.edu.au/
The Creating and Making dimension focuses on ideas, skills, techniques, processes, performances and presentations, keeping in line with this, the collaborative composition task required us as students to explore experiences, ideas, feelings and understandings through making, interpreting, performing, creating anfd presenting.
We did this through activities including composing small pieces as a class on the xylophone, exploring body percussion and the affects of building and harmonising with 'John has great big wellington boots on' and a variety of other activities that introduced us to concepts we would go on to use in creatig our composition.
This composition process involved imagination and experimentation; planning; skills, techniques and processes; use of media, materials, equipment such as instruments and technologies including garage band in addition to reflection and refinement so that we could continue to make improvements to our piece.
We were required to work individually on investigating our own genre, developing our understanding of different historic and cultural contexts as well as collaboratively to create a cohesive performance.
Olivia Durnan S00090756 'We are Australian'
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