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Ryley Castro and Parker Ridaught

No description

lib hist

on 14 September 2015

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Transcript of Ryley Castro and Parker Ridaught

Robert L. Howard
Robert took his shrapnel to the to the fronts of his leg and forearms from a grenade.
Michael A. Moonsor
Michael took a position between his teammates in battle, soon after a hand grenade landed on his chest and bounced in front of him. Michael gave his life for our country.
Richard showed honor because he was willing to die for his country, and he did. Richard Anderson was shot in both legs, yet he stood in his position and continued to fight. Shortly after he fell on a grenade saving two lives.
Ryley Castro and Parker Ridaught
Richard Anderson
Errest E. Evans.
Evans led his destroyer straight into the face of the japinese
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