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Practical People Management Presentation

No description

Paul Osuch

on 15 April 2010

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Transcript of Practical People Management Presentation

Practical People Management Presentation What's my project? 2011 Bremer Program Guide Real Project Stakeholders Customer Service Centre Marketing Department Potential and Former Students Faculties and teaching staff New member covering maternity leave Why this project? Number of significant changes Delivery of program in August instead of November Change from a list of programs to a career guide Career Changers School Leavers University Hesitant Integration with web site Information Provision in different formats Electronic
Word of mouth
Event attendance
Talking to someone Chance to trial techniques from the course Situational Leadership Six Hats of Edward de Bono Objectives Increased Enrolments Increased enquiry to enrolment conversion WARNING!
COMING UP Increased retention Cut through in the market by focussing on our brand attributes as a centre for life learning and career options instead of a provider of "vocational education". What I have learned Different learning styles Catz Model Wheel reinventor Schools and students Interesting Team Dynamic Gen X Gen Y Baby Boomer Baby Boomer / Gen X Inbetweener
"The Punk / Disco Gen" By Pensive Paul NB. I would never really choose to give up coffee or alcohol Project Stage Specification Data Gathering / Research Approval by Institute Director Support across management Working on first draft Lead instead of manage Situational Leadership TOp Gear TOP GEAR Top gear series 13
Peel P50 lamborghini gallado f;haslkjhadjna;lkdsf
asdl;kjfal;k akijoijasdklmn please go away jack Leadership / Management Catz Model DISC Profile Learning Styles Better understanding of my strengths and weaknesses Vocabulary
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