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No description

Kathleen Olinares

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of CIVIL WAR IN SYRIA

Budapest San
Francisco CIVIL WAR IN SYRIA BY: Kathleen Olinares, Chihiro Shibata and Aygun Avazova BACKGROUND GOLAN HEIGHTS FUTURE PLANS IMPACT As of March 6, 1 Million refugees have fled Syria to neighboring countries Unemployment Rate: 18% "Day of Dignity" 4 million people have been displaced 30% of population left their homes Lebanese parliament postpones June election to Nov. 2014 Attacks opens door to all possibilities More than a dozen rockets and mortar rounds struck eastern Lebanon June 1st Two Israel airstrikes in beginning of May cause more tension between Syria and neighboring countries War has caused economy up to 50 billion euros War has destroyed towns (factories, schools, hospitals, mosques and churches) EFFECTS War has halted oil exports Destroyed industry and infrastructure ECONOMY "The fighting needs to stop soon, very soon, and it needs to end with a political solution that will preserve national sovereignty and territorial integrity, or there will be no reconstruction and we'll lose Syria as a country altogether..."
-Former deputy prime minister Abdullah al-Dardari Population~ 23,000,000 By 2015, unemployment rates are expected to rise to 60% "Confident in victory" - President Assad Retaliation for any further fire from Israel Rumored missiles from Russia Peace conference in June Protests nationwide- Daraa Druze people Israel's attempts to stop weapons to Hezbollah
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