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Claim and Counterclaim

No description

Miesje Governale

on 28 August 2015

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Transcript of Claim and Counterclaim

The Argument
We've all had arguments - maybe with our parents, teachers, or bosses.

Knowing how to structure an argument will help you to persuade someone, or win the argument.

In your journal, respond:
Imagine that Suffolk County is considering raising it's legal driving age to 21 because of recent increases in teenage driver accidents.
Do you agree with this increase in age or disagree? Why or why not? What do you need to provide in order to make your argument worthwhile?
First, establish your side; your main point.

Perhaps you disagree. Your claim would then be:

"Suffolk County should keep the legal driving age at 16."
Your Claim

This is the opposite side of the argument. In order to "win" your argument, you must think up everything that the other side might claim.

Which is a suitable counterclaim?

"Suffolk County should raise the legal driving age."
"Teenagers are inexperienced drivers."
The Counterclaim
After recognizing the counterclaim, you should be able to list reasons to support your claim.

If you disagree with the increased driving age, what might be some reasons for not changing the law? List them in your journal, then turn and talk about them to someone sitting near you.

Do their reasons make logical sense?
Next, you need to support your reasons with evidence.

Where are some places to get evidence?
To give your argument credibility, retrieve evidence from reliable sources, including:

1. The library
2. Websites (.edu, .gov, .org)
3. Professional Journals
4. Online Databases ( http://xaaa.auth.orc.scoolaid.net/bin/databases?schoolId=860 )
Reliable Evidence
With a partner, complete the Claim/Counterclaim Worksheet.

Don't forget to list your reasons and where you could find evidence to support your reasons in the third column!
You Try!
Thesis Statements
When you address the counterclaim in your paper, you should also include the counterclaims reasons

What are some reasons for someone supporting the driver age law change?
Counterclaim Reasons
Claim and Counterclaim
1. 16-year-olds participate in mandatory Driver's Education classes.

2. In order to get a permit, teens must pass a permit test.

3. Teens also pass rigorous driving exams to get their license.
"Suffolk County should raise the legal driving age to 21."

This is a suitable counterclaim because it stands in
direct opposition
of your claim and answers the question directly.
Possible Counterclaim Reasons:
1. Teenagers are inexperienced.
2. Teenagers are not responsible enough.
3. Teenagers are easily distracted.
A Thesis statement has three parts:
A subject
A Main Idea (or claim in the case of an argument)
A Thesis is NOT:
An Announcement: "I will tell you why..."
An Opinion: "I think/believe/feel..."
A Fact: "Teenage drivers are bad..."
A Quote
A Questions
Developing Your Thesis
1. Choose a topic and write a claim:
Playing sports is really good for people.
2. Ask yourself: why? how? who?
Playing sports is really good for children.
2. Provide support:
Playing sports is beneficial for children because it helps develop better cooperation skills, better coordination, and better overall health.
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