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Life In New France 1600's

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Faye Teodoro

on 14 January 2014

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Transcript of Life In New France 1600's

Life In New France

Health Care
Relationship with
the natives
Religion / Church
Recreation /Entertainment
Trade / Business
The foods in New France were:

• Bread with soup, baked beans, meat of fish, were all served regularly
• Meat- Bacon, pork, chicken, moose, wild ducks, geese, and a variety of fish
• Traditional food eaten in New France were pea soup, tourtieres, and meat pies
• The habitants grew wheat (for bread), barley, oats, and vegetables such as peas, beans onions, carrots, cucumbers, and fruits
• The most important food in New France was bread
• The rich and the royalty could buy meat and vegetables

The drinks in New France were:

• Water
• Beer
• Wine
• Bouillon (broth)
• Dandelion coffee
The people of New France basically used the same tools we use to eat food with. (Forks, knives, spoons, etc....)
• On a spring / summer/ early fall,
men wore pants that went all the
way up to their knees

•Women made most of the clothing for all of
the family members
• Women wore long skirts made with linen and cotton
• For the head, the women wore sailing, wide edge hats
• For the neck they wore the great colet (It's white and puffy (clowns usually wear it nowadays)) for the neck
• For feet, the women wore buckle shoes

• The people of New France made their clothing out of cloth / fabric (includes lined and cotton usually
• Silk was rarley worn
• The people of New France also wore wide brimmed hats.
• The men were the ones who made the houses
• The men made their houses with wood, then covered it with cedar, and painted the houses white
• Most houses were built near rivers, and forests for wood and fire
• Some men man make their houses with logs or stone, then they use sand, lime, and water to stick them together
• The men made their windows small, they like to cover the windows with animal skins or waxed paper
• The men made their roofs with wood, and the roofs were very sloped
• The people of New France used foot, snowshoes, and boats as transportation
• They used snowshoes in the winter, so they won't sink into the snow
• The people of New France also like to use cariloes (sleds pulled by dogs or horses) so they can easily travel through the snow instead of using snowshoes
• Explorers of New France liked to use boats so they can travel from New France to France
The people of New France used weapons to protect themselves like:
• Cannons • Riffles • Throwing axes • Hatches
• Pistons • Tomahawks • Halbarrels • swords

They also used a type of gun called a musket. There are different types of the muskets called:
• Musket with bayonet
• Light hunting musket
• Flintlock musket
• Every city in New France has it's own "hotel-Dieu" (hospital)
• Surgeons, doctors, apothecaries, and healers in New France work together with religious congregations to help take care of the settlers
• Setters in New France enjoyed having a good medical infrastructure (the basic physical and organizational structures and facilities (e.g., buildings, roads, and power supplies) needed for the operation of a society or enterprise
• Catholic churches played a major role in providing health care
• Nuns in New France would try and cure he sick
• Some illnesses spread to person to person that hey even had to make a hospital
• Some cures for illnesses were plants and sheep excrement
• Around 1639, there were three nuns that were sent to New France to make schools for all of the French and Native girls
• There were about twelve schools that were made in New France
• In all of the schools they taught about the Catholic religion, how to write, read, knit, sew, and spin
• Then, they had a nun named Mother Marie del' Incarnation, she made books and dictionaries, about the Native language to help all of the schools

• There were only a small amount of married men in New France
• There were also only a small amount of families in New France too
• Women found Native husbands quickly because there were more marriageable aged Native men then there were in New France

Basque Whalers:
People who hunt and kill whales.

Fishers: A long time before fur trade there was seasonal fishing. It started since the early 16th century. Men from Britain, Spain, France, etc, came to fish (New France as well) of the shore on Newfoundland. They fished for cod and Basquers went as well to hunt whale

Fur Trade: Fur trade was much needed in Europe, so people from New France got beaver fur and sold it to people in Europe for what they would give them. The fur trad was used to make felt hats.
• The people of New France go along with the natives better than the British
• The women of New France even decided to marry the Native men
• The population of New France increased because of all of the marries
• The habitants and the Natives acutely joined forces to fight the British
• Unlike the British, he habitants learned everything about the Natives, like trading, language, and culture.

• The Natives and the habitants would usually trade each other with beaver fur and wood, so they can make clothing and furniture

• In New France the people loved to dance, sing, and act
• They also really enjoyed playing cards, story telling, billiards, gambling, and dice
• The women of New France also loved weaving and sowing
What the habitants really like to do was storytelling, that is what they mostly do for fun
• The haitants were really busy sometimes, so they didn't have time for games too often

• New France settlers wanted to change the Native's into Catholicism so they can save their souls
• The New France settler's religion was very important to them, but some Native's wouldn't change their ways
• They also made churches for priests so everyone in New France can go to the churches every week
• The New France settlers went to regular masses to worship Christ, and also socialize with others
Habitants are French settlers
By: Faye Teodoro
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