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Love in Mrs. Dalloway

No description

Elani Phillips

on 7 October 2016

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Transcript of Love in Mrs. Dalloway

Love in Mrs. Dalloway
Love portrayed throughout the novel Mrs. Dalloway
In conclusion, this novel shows how love is complicated. It depends on the circumstances and situations of the relationships. Love can change; it's not a static emotion.
Septimus and Evans
Clarissa and Sally
Love is a very complex emotion of life and with each relationship it differs based on the people and situation.
Septimus and Lucrezia
Love changed after his return from the war
Clarissa and Richard
He loves her
Clarissa and Peter
"Puppy love"
In the novel Mrs. Dalloway, there are various relationships with different types of love. We found that throughout there was infatuation, lust, platonic, and "true love".
Unrequited love
Non-romantic ending
More than just a platonic relationship
This relationship made Peter jealous
Platonic ending
Will always love Evans
Ended in two deaths
From in love to a more platonic love
At times, his illness overpowered his love for her
Her love never changed
Stayed together
Didn't love each other to the same extent
He was comfortable to her- settled
Second- guessed the relationship
Clarissa and Septimus

They both struggled to communicate

Had similar independence

Depressing outlook on life

These factors affected their relationships with others
This relationship started when they were young, and it was an unrequited love.

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