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No description

D Taylor

on 26 April 2014

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Transcript of StampylongNose

Mr Stampy Cat
this is stampy he's a really cool youtuber. i watch his minecraft videos. if you don't know what minecraft is then i'll talk about that later on. he does more stuff too.
about stampy
from then to now
here's stampy's video that shows you back when he started to now!
from then to now
PC and Xbox
he uses PC and Xbox he uses his xbox mostly for his lovely world and he uses PC mostly for maps
the versions that he uses
100 episodes
his 100th video is epic he doesn't mean to travel 5 million years back in time here it is
here's his 100th video
3 videos included
minecraft Trailer on the right
what is Minecraft?
well minecraft is a awesome all square block game. there are 2 modes survival and creative. creative has unlimited resources! and survival has limited resources and monsters are there at night. and you can die! to play minecraft go to http://minecraft.net and make a minecraft account account.
Stampy's lovely world
a part of his lovely world
Stampy's lovely world is this awesome world with everything you need in normal life he has a big house a restaurants theme park dog house an emergency igloo a treehouse for his cat mittens and yeah
end of my prezi
i hope you liked my prezi i'll see you later bye
well that's it
make your own prezi at
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