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noah macinnis

on 18 May 2011

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Transcript of U'wa

U'wa The U'wa people are located in the cloud forests of northeastern Colombia. origanly, the U'wa numbered as many as 20,000, scattered over a homeland across the Venezuela-Colombia border. about 7-8,000 U'wa are alive today. oil problems where they live The U'wa speaks a language of the Chibchan family called Uw Cuwa ("people's tongue"). They have no written tradition and have passed down their knowledge and customs primarily through song.

Their religious tradition includes a responsibility to gather in the summer months and "sing the world into being" as well as to maintain between the layers of the world: earth, water, oil, mountains, and sky. Their identification of petroleum, which they call Ruiria, with the blood of Mother Earth, stiffened their resolve in their conflict with oil corporations in the 1990s.

The U'wa considers non-U'wa to be impure, and place high importance on rituals, which makes meeting with outsiders difficult. culture how they dress The U'wa, known as the "people who know how to think and speak," consider themselves guardians of the forest and the species therein.
The U'wa have no written language; their culture is held through song. Their religion tells that they maintain harmony among the layers of creation: earth, water, oil, mountains, and sky. The U'wa hold that "Oil is the blood of Mother Earth ... to take the oil is, for us, worse than killing your own mother. If you kill the earth, then no one will live." belifes The U'wa dress like us because the women, mostly, wear white t-shirts with a blue skirt
The men mostly wear a brown shirt with a traditional necklace made with many beads, animal teeth and animal’s claws, with a feather at the end. They also wear brown pants. The U’wa originally made their house out of what they had; ferns branches sticks and rocks. Now the U’wa makes their houses out of dry wall bricks shingles and tiles. The U’wa have been coming more modernised every year. shelter The u'wa eat bark, berrys, roots, tuber, beans, fruit and leafs. Everything in this cloudy Garden of Eden is useful to us. food The U'wa gained international visibility in a 14-year long struggle to prevent oil drilling on their land, which eventually stopped. Their representative to the outside world in this struggle, Berito Kuwaru'wa, won the Goldman Environmental Prize in 1998. The U'wa, who had previously threatened to commit mass suicide if the oil extraction project went forward, constructed a small village on the site of the drill site. They also set up numerous roadblocks and a coordinated a regional social strike that stop the surrounding area. The U'wa are now in a new disagreement with Eco petrol, which is looking to prospect for oil on their lands -Wikipedia
-google images thanks
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