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Everglades National Park

No description


on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of Everglades National Park

what animals live here part of what the e
everglades look like Stuff you can do Where is it at I tell you there are many animal like Everglades National Park the bottom of Flordia The Panther The alligator The python the soft shell turtle the purple gallinule the Flamingo .You can go swimming
.You can take a air boat
.you can take a sight seeing hike
.you can have a warm camping trip
you can take a boat or a canoe and explore the place
.. you can go to the zoo and feed the alligators
.and you can go bird watching one of the amazing hiking
trails The park was
established in
1947 by scientist,
and many other
advocates to help
save the everglades
from being drained
out and turned
into a city area. canoeing at the everglades some of the plants threats
there arent
many threats
to the area but
there are some
like low water,
urban encroachment, drought,fire,rising sea levels,
and non native species plants. By:Brian Bibliography


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Everglades_National_Park and the manatee safety tips
pets are allowed but you must keep them close to you or else a alligator may eat them.

You also must keep your kids close to you to also.

there are raccoons so cover and hide your food.

do not wear alot of cloths because you may get over heated
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