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Facebook Relationships

How social networking affects our personal relationships.

on 20 February 2012

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Transcript of Facebook Relationships

acebook Relationships Four Theories Knapps Coming Together Stages
Dependency Theory
Strong and Weak Ties
Social Exchange Theory Knapps Coming Together Stages The Initiating Stage
The Experimenting Stage
The Intensifying Stage
The Integrating Stage
The Bonding Stage Dependency Theory: depend on media to fulfill social needs Strong and Weak Ties:
Maintain and strengthen valued relationships Social Exchange Theory:
People evaluate every social situation in terms of costs and benefits. Presentation Summary Romantic Relationships on Facebook Introduced Knapp's Coming Together Stages Where does Facebook fit? Introduced Dependency Theory What needs are fulfilled by Facebook relationships? Showed Today Show Clip
"Why Do We Torture Ourselves?" Friendships on Facebook Quality vs. Quantity Definition of "friend"
Social Exchange Theory The Amassing of Friends The Friend Game! Private vs. Public
Strong and Weak Ties Conclusion: Balance Results of our Pilot Study Demographic Data 39 Participants 21% Freshmen
8% Sophomores
29% Juniors
42% Seniors Of all participants:
53% in romantic relationship offline
only 37% Facebook official Most had about 500 Facebook friends,
but maintain only 10 friendships offline Post-Test Results 60% said they would be more conscious of how public they are making their romantic relationships on Facebook 85% believe Facebook should have friend categories 63% said they would delete some of their Facebook friends after seeing our presentation 50% think negatively of those who have "too many" Facebook friends 94% will think of the possible consequences of accepting friends in the future Facebook's purpose: "To reinforce established relationships and form bonds with new friends." Facebook has more than 400 million active users Average user spends more than 55 minutes per day on Facebook Facebook is used by over 90% of undergraduate students on a daily basis Facebook.com Facebook.com Facebook.com PsychCentral.com “Research suggests that people are only intermittently in touch with many of their online ‘friends’ but correspond regularly with only a few good friends.” Shelley Tucker, psychology professor, UCLA Pre-Test Results 45% males
55% females Background Information Why Res. Life should adopt our ideas
Facebook is prevalent among most college freshman
Our presentation results have proven effective
Easy to adapt to future freshman classes
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